A Bit MORE About Me.

One thing you should know about me - I'm passionate about using our most difficult circumstances to create massive growth in our lives.

When we encounter a challenge in our lives, many of us turn tail and run or, if that's not possible, continue to ask ourselves "Why me?" wondering why the Universe or God has chosen us to punish. I was absolutely one of those people and it took me a long time to learn this most incredible piece of information:

Challenges are there to help us grow. They are a giant flashing neon arrow to where we've been holding ourselves back, where we're ready to move forward. It's not to say that our challenges aren't difficult, but growth isn't typically easy. If we already knew how to do it, it wouldn't be growth! We are moving beyond our comfort zone and branching out into something new.

Now, when you have the tools and the mindset, you can turn any challenge into powerful growth. AND the bigger the challenge, the bigger the emotions, the more massive the growth. EVERY TIME.

By using potent yet simple tools and revamping my mindset, I naturally transformed from "Why me?" to "What is this teaching me and how can I grow from it? What magic is awaiting me on the other side?".

Victim to creator.

The greatest transformation of my life - it makes anything possible. It's there for you, too, if you're ready to make the leap.


My love story began out of the blue, when a man I barely knew, Oscar, approached me and told me he’d written me a poem. It was a love poem I later discovered as he read it out-loud to me in a coffee shop. I was so shocked, I stuffed the poem in my purse and ran out of there.

Lucky for me he’s a very patient man because since that day we have grown together in ways that I could have only dreamed of before. He’s romantic, thoughtful, and supportive. He sees me in a way that no one has ever seen me before and loves every bit of my weirdness - you know, the things that makes me ME. We cheer each other to reach new heights in our individual lives and lovingly point out when we’re holding ourselves back. And when we come together and create.. well, it’s pure magic.  

It wasn’t always like this though. Before meeting Oscar, I had been in a 14-year marriage that had slowly disintegrated as I went through a long and difficult healing journey (more on that below). My husband at the time tried to support me but couldn’t understand the transformation I was going through in order to heal. One day near the end of our marriage, I asked him “Can you love me for who I am today?”. His answer? “No.” It nearly crushed me.  

Fortunately at that point I had already put together the Cadillac of toolboxes and I knew how to heal these deep wounds as they were coming - and wow, were they ever coming. I learned and grew and let go of old, painful hurts along with fresh, new ones, knowing deep within that this was exactly what I needed. Experiencing and releasing the oh, so difficult emotions let me feel better right then and there AND it let me move forward without dragging all that heavy baggage with me.  

Now in my new-ish 4-year relationship, I have been able to show up in a totally different way. I have healed so much of my old jazz that I had been carrying since my wee girl days and had been high-jacking my emotions ever since. Not only that, but now I show up in LIFE in a totally different way. I am ME in everything I do, in who I AM - confident, creative, intuitive, and overflowing with self-love. 

My Healing Journey
the birth of the Quantum Alchemy method

Just after my second baby made his arrival, my health mysteriously fell apart. I was suddenly plagued with crippling insomnia, overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks, and a huge host of unexplainable neurological symptoms. Despite seeing a number of specialists and being poked and prodded to no end, no one was able to help me find the cause. With nowhere else to turn and refusing to let this be my experience for the rest of my life, I set out on my own, taking my health into my own hands so I could get to the root of my dis-ease.

Along the (very bumpy) road, I turned myself into a guinea pig, experimenting with countless healing modalities. Each time I would find a new modality or a different angle, I would get my hopes up (more and more cautiously as time passed) and dive in fully only to find myself wracked with disappointment when I realized many months later they had had little to no effect on my health. I was always left wondering why nothing worked for me.

But from my years of trial-and-error emerged a handful of consistent, effective, efficient, natural modalities that have continued to evolve into the Quantum Alchemy Method™, a deep and powerful healing and reprogramming process that works on all planes of existence. Not only do I use it with my clients but it's the exact process I use for myself to consistently create massive growth in all areas of my life.

Everything about you is designed to heal - your body, your life - it's all designed to come back to its center. And the symptoms you're experiencing are a conversation the Universe is having with you to show you where you're misaligned and resisting flow - where you're ready to evolve. My passion is re-connecting you to YOU and awakening your inner healer - your inner magic maker - while teaching you how to become a master creator and tap into your own innate gifts. When you take control of your own experience, no matter what's going on around you, you become the creator of your own Universe, where vibrant health and passionate forever love is only the beginning.

 Midlife: When the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you,"I'm not f-ing around, use the gifts you were given".

— Brené Brown 

 Midlife: When the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you,"I'm not f-ing around, use the gifts you were given".

— Brené Brown